D.J. Miller & Associates, Inc., (DJMA) is an expert in providing advisory services and consultancy to governments and organizations preparing for the new millennium.  We focus on excellence in public sector management and creative corporate synergies that update traditional structures to match new socioeconomic and business realities.  We concentrate on providing research and consulting that moves beyond abstract theory and that recognizes sound political and business practices.  Our knowledge together with our state-of- the-art research and analysis enable us to render experienced consultation that can be utilized at all levels of an organization.

DJMA spans the world, touching industries and governments worldwide.  From diverse metropolitan governments and large corporations to airports, hospitals, community nonprofits, regional transportation agencies, schools, manufacturers, and retailers, DJMAs work is expansive.

Our services embody four key practice areas:  1) economic research and public policy, 2) business programs and advisory services, 3) education and training, and 4) management services and supportDJMAs consultation brings keen experience to organizational pressures of efficiency and profitability which drive decision making, structural integrity and productivity.



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