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DJMA is a licensed distributor of the Shared Values Operating System as an extension of our Business Programs and Advisory Services practices.  Shared Values™ is an innovative, successful change management methodology that focuses on changing the work environment.  The result is a more productive, supportive and empowered work force that is clear about the organization's mission, objectives and business values. 

The process is divided into three modules:

  • Consensus Building
  • Responsibility Taking and Values Based Decision Making
  • Organizational Development Models
  • Centered Around Organizational Values

The process begins with a Values and Attitude Study, which is utilized to quantify 27 elements of a work environment, grouped into three section:  People Values (Monitoring Values), Job Satisfaction (Monitoring Individual Satisfaction Levels) and People Systems and Processes (Monitoring Organizational Standards and Infrastructure).  Once the results of the VAS are disseminated and discussed throughout the organization, a series of training sessions directed at senior leaders, middle managers and employees is conducted.  The organization-wide training is designed to facilitate culture change and leave behind language tools that reinforce the organization's adopted business values.

DJMA integrates GroupWare, group training and interactive technology resources of DJMA with our exceptional training methodology to facilitate instruction in the Shared Value System.  Shared Values yields quantifiable results-heightened responsibility-taking, increased personal leadership, and consensus building-that lead to an organization's successful transition to a healthier business environment.

The 8 Principles of the Heroic Environment:

* Treat Others with Uncompromising Truth

   * Lavish Trust on your Associates

* Mentor Unselfishly

* Be Receptive to New Ideas, Regardless of their Origin

* Take Personal Risks for the Organization's Sake

* Give Credit where its Due

* Do not Touch Dishonest Dollars

* Put the Interests of Others before your Own


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