Adaptive Solutions Group unites three productivity-focused firms mobilized to leverage and protect national information assets.

Three corporations are founders of Adaptive Solutions Group.  They are:

  • D. J. Miller & Associates, Inc., a 15-year old management consulting firm, based in Atlanta with offices in Washington, D.C. and Tallahassee, Florida.
  • The Progeni Corporation, an innovative 23-year old software development and technology consulting firm, based in Atlanta with representation in the U.K. and Asia.
  • The Mintaka Technology Group, a Los Angeles-based software developer, formed in 1998 with the objective of focusing on IT productivity and efficiency.

Adaptive Solutions Group draws on the strengths of its individual partner members.  In this way, the problems normally associated with getting new products and services to market are minimized because each member's market activity enhances the other's presence.

Our customers benefit from this association because of our resulting ability to introduce innovative workplace solutions quickly and efficiently.  In addition, customers profit from our ability to deliver a wide spectrum of products and services through various platforms and channels.

The strategic alliance represented by the Adaptive Solutions Group magnifies our commitment to excellence.  What sets us apart is our collective record of delivering world-class solutions to government and industry, on time and budget.

Look to the Adaptive Solutions Group for solutions to today's emerging challenges!

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